What's unique about this program?
Students who complete this program will possess the necessary skills to work in laboratories in a variety of biotechnology fields, or have the option of transferring to a 4-year program.

About the Program
NCC's Biotechnology Lab Technician Program curriculum is designed to meet the increasing demands of businesses and industries seeking skilled lab technicians for employment in laboratory and industrial settings and as quality control/qualiy assurance technicians. Students who complete the pogram will have necessary laboratory and communication skills needed for employment. Individuals who like the challenge of working in a laboratory are encouraged to apply.

Students will learn how to operate equipment and master techniques commonly used in a lab. This will include maintenance of cell cultures, genetic engineering techniques, protein separation techniques, UV spectrophotometry, High Performance Liquid, Chromatography (HPLC), and record keeping to name a few.

job Graduates of the program may seek employment in public or private laboratories in the areas of ethanol production and other biorenewable fuels, food production, research and development, animal and plant breeding, animal pharmaceuticals, and chemical production. Jobs are available in this field in both rural and urban areas.


Chemical technicians average $18.35/ hour,
Biological technicians make around $15.97/hour,
Agricultural & food science technicians average $14.29/hour.



Many hands-on laboratory courses.


Student Profile

• interest in science
  and math
• computer skills
• detail oriented
• good communication   skills

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Award: Associate of Applied Science Degree
Length: Four semesters
Students may start any semester

What is Biotechnology?
A technology based on biology, used in agriculture, food science, medicine, and industry.