MicroscopeSemester Activities Offered to Local High & Middle Schools

A presentation on possible careers in biotechnology
• Biomedical (Pharmaceutical)
• Agricultural/Horticultural
• Animal
• Forensics science
• Industrial production (Ethanol, food, bio-diesel)
(Suggested for Biology or Chemistry course)

A presentation on Lab Safety Measures/Precautions to be adopted in any chemical working environment
• Personal Protection Equipment, MSDS, Chemical labeling, Disposal of wastes, Emergency planning etc
• Possible career options
(Suggested for Biology or Chemistry course)

Demonstration of chemical tests and use of microscope/Forensics
• Mystery powder activity
• Will give a case study and 6 white powders (salt, baking soda, sugar, chalk powder, starch, and mystery powder)
• Students job is to identify the mystery powder and convict a person upon several tests of the powders which include water test, vinegar test, iodine test, and finally a microscope test
• Introduce to the concept of DNA fingerprinting
(Suggested for Biology or Chemistry course)

DNA extraction from cheek cells or plant cells
• Will extract DNA from cheek cells and plant cells followed by a discussion of DNA and differences in their extraction procedures
• Will explain Central dogma theory
(Suggested for Biology course)

Identifying presence of DNA, RNA and proteins in various samples
• Identifying pH of sample followed by various tests to know presence of DNA, RNA and proteins.
(Suggested for Biology or Chemistry course)

• Detecting presence of antigen and antibody in blood samples
• Will help to understand how scientists figure out presence of antigens in diseased samples like blood, saliva, urine etc
(Suggested for Biology course)

• Introduction to Bioethics
• Will give a case study
(Suggested for Biology course)

• Introduction to chromatography
• Give case study
(Suggested for Chemistry or Biology course)

Plant Biotechnology
• Introduce to the concept of cloning and plant tissue culture techniques
(Suggested for Biology course)


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