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These training topics, or others, can be delivered at your facility at time(s) that are convenient to you.

GMP Basics: Employee Hygiene Practices
Identify personal habits that can impact product safety and quality, how improper practices can cause microbes to spread, and correct improper hygiene practices.

Lab Safety in the Food Micro Lab
Covers PPE, general lab rules, unique hazards in a food micro lab, chemical hazards, physical hazards, and reading and understanding an MSDS.

Basic Microbiology
Introduces and differentiates the six types of microorganisms, what roles they play in our daily lives, what they need to grow and methods to control growth.

Basic Virology
Compares viruses to other microorganisms, covering the basic parts of a virus and how a virus invades and replicates using a cell using the lytic and lysogenic cycles.

The Amazing World of Microorganisms
Discussion topics include microorganisms in our everyday lives, what they need to grow, pathogens and food safety, and the employee's role in food safety.

Basic Chemistry
Basic chemistry topics covered include the atom, ions, bonding, states of matter, solutions, equilibrium, acids and bases, pH, organic chemistry and biochemistry.

pH Concepts
Includes acids and bases, titration, strong vs. weak acids and bases, buffers, measuring pH, slope, how a pH meter works and trouble shooting.

Designed for ethanol plant technicians to help them understand the fermentation process required to produce ethanol.

Basic Lab Techniques
Covers many of the basic techniques used in a common lab setting such as significant figures, temperature, volume, weight, cleaning glassware, and calibration.

Please contact Leshawn Howard at 712-324-5061 or lhoward@nwicc.edu to schedule.


Meet Leshawn: Business & Industry Trainer/Consultant

Leshawn Howard has joined NCC as a Business and Industry Trainer under the Biotechnology Grant. She earned her Bachelor's of Science Degrees in Chemistry and Biology from College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO in 1997. Her eight plus years of industry experience includes quality control/assurance, qualitative and quantitative chemical and microbial analysis, research and development, method development, and laboratory safety coordinator.

Leshawn is a native to southwest Missouri where she worked for a dietary supplement manufacturer. She moved to LeMars, IA from Branson, MO in December 2002. She has worked for Wells' Dairy and Diamond Vogel Paint since moving here. She is looking forward to assisting in laboratory employee training needs assessments and helping develop training programs that fit your company's specific laboratory training needs. To contact Leshawn at NCC call 712-324-5061 ext. 145 or email: lhoward@nwicc.edu

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