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You can simplify life by staying right on campus while attending NCC.
The student apartments provide easy access to all college buildings.

Experience College Life!
Just a short walk from classes, student housing at Northwest Iowa Community College is made up of two housing complexes—Cherokee Hall and Lyon Hall. A third housing complex will open in Fall 2009—O'Brien Hall! There is no better way to feel connected to the college and the student body than living on campus. You’ll experience college life as it is meant to be, and build friendships that last a lifetime!

There's a Place for You!
Each resident has access to a variety of amenities within or adjacent to the housing complex:
• Study rooms
• Computer lab
• Laundry facilities
• Wireless internet
• Cable paid by NCC
• Phone ready rooms
• Recreation room with big screen TV and available game check-out
• Cafeteria
• Mail boxes
• Bike/exercise trail
• Free parking
• Air conditioning
• Vending area
• Community activities

Your suite will be furnished with:
• Bed-(loft)/mattress per resident (size 36" x 80")
• Closet
• 3 drawer chest of drawers
• Desk & chair per resident
• Dining table & chairs
• Blinds
• Full-size refrigerator
• Range (Lyon Hall/O'Brien Hall)
• Counter top electric stove (Cherokee Hall)

Living room furniture is NOT provided.

  Room Style Cost Summer
Lyon Hall 2 bedroom/4 person $1600 semester $800
O'Brien Hall 2 bedroom/4 person $1600 semester $800
Cherokee Hall 1 bedroom/2 person $1350 semester $675
Cherokee Hall 2 bedroom/4 person $1250 semester $625

Security deposit of $190 due at time of application.

Note: Northwest Iowa Community College reserves the right to change the rental rates, application fees, meal plan and security deposit anytime without prior notification to applicants or residents.

Lyon Hall & O'Brien Hall offer suite style living. A suite accommodates four students with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen/living area. We invite you to join our great campus community.



Cherokee Hall offers apartment style living. Choose from two options; a four student apartment consists of two bedrooms, one bath, and a kitchen/living area or a two student apartment which consists of one bedroom, one bath, and a kitchen/living area.


View the overnight guest registration form as a pdf file.

Optional Meal Package:
$600/semester 10 meal plan/week
Cafeteria open 7am–1pm • Monday–Friday

• Monthly utilities (electricity, water, gas) are included in the rent.
• Telephone jacks are provided in each unit, but it is your responsibility to contact the telephone company for service. This cost is at your expense. Telephone service can be obtained by calling 800.244.1111.

Internet Connectivity Information:
Lyon Hall & O'Brien Hall – Free Internet access
·        There is one Ethernet wall connection in each living area that would require a CAT5 cable of the length needed to reach wherever you plan to place your computer. In most situations, a 10–15 foot cable should suffice.

·        Lyon Hall & O'Brien Hall will also have wireless internet connection throughout the dorm.

·        Support will be provided during normal working hours when time allows. If you are experiencing difficulties with your Internet connectivity, you will need to report it to Student Services between 8:00AM and 4:00PM, Monday through Friday. No after hours or weekend support is available. Issues will be handled as time allows. Support is also limited to Internet connectivity. Computer repair issues will be up to the owner. Wireless network cards and CAT5 network cables can be purchased at any computer hardware retailer.

Cherokee Hall—Free Internet access
• Mail is delivered to the student housing mailboxes located in the building.

• Smoking, Alcohol and Pets:
     • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the campus.
     • Smoking is not allowed in any buildings on campus including student apartments.
     • No pets are allowed in campus housing.

Housing Contracts:
• You need to submit a completed application and the $15.00 non-refundable application fee.
• In addition to the application you will be required to complete a contract along with $190 damage deposit.
  Rooms will not be reserved until the contract and deposit are received. If your contract is received after the
  apartments are full, you will be placed on a waiting list.

Off Campus Housing References:
The following are resources students may explore at their own risk.

Action Realty: 712-324-4603

Security Realty: 800-508-5364

• The Northwest Iowa Peach/Golden Shopper/Sheldon Mail Sun (email Shirley)
Provide your address and you can arrange for a paper with local postings to be sent.

For more detailed information on NCC's on-campus housing, visit us or call and ask for our Housing Director. Or for further questions e-mail Kathy Feuerstein