Q: How many students attend NCC?
A: There are just under 1100 students currently enrolled at NCC.
Q: What is the average age of NCC students?
A: The average age is 23 years old.
Q: How big are the classes?
A: The average class size is 15 students. There are a few exceptions but only a couple courses exceed 35.

Q: What is the male to female ratio?
A: Total student population is about equal between males and females. 56% are women; 44% are men.

Q: What do I have to do to get started at NCC?
A: It’s easy to get started.
     • Applications are available from the NCC Student Services Office, or you can apply on-line at
       https://www.nwicc.edu/pages/admissions/application.asp. It costs $10 to apply.

     • After applying, submit an official copy of your high school transcript or official documentation of your
       GED scores. If you have previously attended college, you must provide an official copy of your
       college transcript.

     • Make arrangements to take the COMPASS test. Call 800-352-4907 ext. 242 to set up a time or reserve
       a date through the Web site’s interactive form. This entrance exam is required of any student who has
       NOT taken the ACT test, or any transfer students who are enrolling with 30 or more semester hours of
       coursework transferred to NCC.

     • As a new student, you’ll want to attend an orientation session.
Q: How much does it cost to go to NCC?
A: 2009–2010 Tuition rates:
In-state tuition is $119.00 per semester hour + fees
Out-of-state tuition is $154.00 per semester hour + fees
Q: When do I have to pay my bill?
The NCC billing system provides you with the following payment options for tuition and fees:

1. You may pay your account in full at the NCC Business Office with a check or credit card (Discover, VISA or MasterCard) before the first day of class of each semester/term.

2. You may pay your account in full over the internet using e-cashier that is on our website using an Automatic Bank Payment (ACH) or credit card (Discover, VISA or MasterCard). There is a $2.00 nonrefundable fee for using this service through our service provider, FACTS Management Company.

3. You may sign up for a payment plan through FACTS Managment Company. There is a $35.00 nonrefundable processing fee charged by FACTS. Information about the payment plan through FACTS is available on our website, and you may also pick up a brochure at the Business Office.

Q: What do I need to do to receive Financial Aid?
A: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA can be mailed directly to
the processing center or submitted over the Internet. This application is the starting point for all types of financial aid. It is good to get your FAFSA application in as soon after January 1st as possible. NCC’s
priority deadline for campus based aid is March 1st . Scholarships require separate application procedures depending on the type of scholarship. Remember, you must apply for financial aid each academic year. Contact Karna Hofmeyer at khofmeyer@nwicc.edu or by calling 800-352-4907 ext. 138 for more information. http://www.nwicc.edu/pages/admissions/tuition_aid.html/overview.html
Q: What scholarships are available?
A: Scholarships are available from the NCC Foundation. There are a variety of scholarships that have different deadlines as well as dollar amounts.
Access these scholarships by logging onto http://www.nwicc.edu/pages/admissions/scholarships.html.
Q: Is on-campus housing available? Where do I get a list of off-campus housing?
A: Just a short walk from classes, student housing at Northwest Iowa Community College is made up of two housing complexes— Cherokee Hall and Lyon Hall. Cherokee Hall offers apartment style living. Choose from two options; a four student apartment consists of two bedrooms, one bath, and a kitchen/living area or a two student apartment which consists of one bedroom, one bath, and a kitchen/living area. Lyon Hall offers suite style living. A suite accommodates four students with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen/living area. We invite you to join our great campus community. There is no better way to feel connected to the college and the student body than living on campus. You’ll experience college life as it is meant to be, and build friendships that last a lifetime! Apply early if you wish to live in the apartments, as there is normally a waiting list of those wanting to live on campus. If you wish to live off campus, you may get a housing list by contacting Kathy Feuerstein at kfeu@nwicc.edu or by calling 800-352-4907 ext. 107
Q: Who do I need to talk with on finding out how close I am to graduating?
A: Contact your Advisor, who will work with you to meet your graduation goals. To find your advisor, log onto http://www.nwicc.edu/pages/resources/services/advising/who_is_my_advisor.html. More advising information can be found at http://www.nwicc.edu/pages/resources/services/advising.html.
Q: How do I get my transcript from NCC sent to another institution?

A: We ask that all students request their transcripts in writing. There is a $5 transcript fee. We need to have your name, Social Security Number, and exact address it needs to be sent to. We do need to send it directly to the institution in order for it to be official. We will get the request out the same day that we receive it.
Q: Does NCC offer on-line courses?
A: Yes, NCC offers over 250 online courses. To view the courses, log onto http://www.nwicc.edu/pages/schedules/online.html.