Faculty, Staff, Administration and Board of Directors

Scott Abbott, Business & Industry Center Consultant/Trainer (BAS, Westmar University)

Brian Albrecht, DOL Grant, Lab Technician Program Chair (MA, University of Iowa)

Chris Anderson, Title III Active Learning Technician (MS, Southwest Minnesota State)

Donna Ascherl, Coordinator—Secondary Programs (BA, Briar Cliff University)

Norma Azpeitia, Enrollment Management/Advisor (BA, Briar Cliff University)

Jack Barr, Instructor—Radiologic Technology (MS, University of South Dakota)

Gretchen Bartelson, Dean of Extended Learning Services (MS, Troy State University)

Sue Behrens, MBA, CPA, EA - Instructor—Accounting (MBA, University of South Dakota)

Evan Bensley, Continuing Education Coordinator—Emergency Services Education (AA, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Annette Bernier, Administrative Assistant—Education and Learning Services (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Mark Bohnet, Instructor—Electrical Trades & Technology (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Amy Bomgaars, Instructor—Alternative High School (BA, Wartburg College)

Janet Boone, Instructor—Administrative Secretarial/Office Management(AA, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Rod Borer, Bookstore Coordinator (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Lori Bottomley, Custodian

Pam Bousema, Secretary—Secondary Programs

Sarah Breems, Coordinator —Library Services (BA, Buena Vista University)

Connie Brewster, Secretary—Academic Support Services (Diploma, Spencer School of Business)

Mark Brown, CPA , Executive Director—College Operations and Finance (BBA, University of Iowa)

Sandy Bruns, Director—Human Resources (BA, Briar Cliff University)

Mary Budden, Instructor—Alternative High School; Academic Advisor—TRIO: Academic Specialist (BA, Briar Cliff College)

Brian Busch, Instructor—General Machining/Business & Industry Trainer (BA, William Penn University)

Brett Campbell, Coordinator/Recruiter (BA, Iowa State University)

Rick Cannoy, Instructor—Automotive

Ryan Cannoy, Instructor—Carpentry/Construction Technology (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Jill Collen, Instructor—Communications/Psychology (MA, Sioux Falls College)

Steve Collen, Instructor—Powerline (BA, Westmar University)

Mary Cowan, Instructor—Radiologic Technology (AAS, Iowa Central Community College)

Rodney Crater, CCNA certified, Instructor—Computer Networking Technology (BS, American College of Computer & Information Sciences)

Michael Davis, Instructor—Photography (Diploma, Hawkeye Community College)

Michelle Davis, Instructor—Photography (BA, Buena Vista University)

Frank DeMilia, Director—Continuing Education & Training (MS, Drake University.)

Steve De Rocher, Instructor—Alternative High School (BS, Briar Cliff University)

Mark Doherty, Instructor—Automotive (BS, University of Wisconsin-Stoute)

Jennifer Dokter, Secretary—Continuing Education (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Marcia Donkersloot, Instructor—Alternative High School (BS, Northwestern College)

Sheila Drenkow, Instructor—Business (MA, DeVry University)

Aaron Dvorak, Instructor—Powerline (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Laurie Edwards, Director—TRIO, Student Support Services (BA, Trinity Bible College)

Betty Elgersma, Custodian

Kathy Feuerstein, Administrative Assistant—Institutional Advancement and Enrollment Services (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Nancy Filkins, Coordinator—Library Services (BS, Iowa State University)

Tara Fjeld, Secretary—Registrar (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Tim Floen, Instructor—Industrial Instrumentation & Control (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Gerri Foreman, Evening Receptionist (Diploma, Nettleton College)

Beth Frankenstein, Counselor/Academic Advisor (MA, University of South Dakota)

Sarah Fykstra, Secretary—ICN/Registrar (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Stan Gaalswyk, Instructor—Math (BS, Northwestern College)

Molly Galm, Director—Library Services (MLS, Emporia State University)

Becky Geels, Secretary—Continuing Education (BA, Dordt College)

Stephen Gibbons, Instructor—Social Sciences (MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity and MA, Providence Theological Seminary)

Dr. Bill Giddings, President (PhD, Iowa State University)

Seth Gilbert, Business & Industry Center Consultant/Trainer (JD, William Mitchell College of Law)

Brad Gill, Instructor—Business (MBA, Colorado Technical University)

Orville Ginger, Custodian

Woody Grabenbauer, Director—Business & Industry Center (BSEE, Iowa State University)

Susan Grapevine, Instructor—Mathematics/Title III Outcomes Assessment Coordinator (MS, Iowa State University)

Doug Hoaglund, Maintenance Technician (AAS, Western Iowa Tech Community College)

Ruth Hobson, Director—Health Department/Instructor—Associate Degree Nursing (MSN, University of Phoenix)

Robbi Hoekstra, Bookstore Assistant

Rebecca Hoey, Coordinator—Title III Curriculum Design (MEd, St. Mary's University)

Karna Hofmeyer, Director—Financial Aid (BA, Northwestern College)

Rachael Holz, Secretary—Title III (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Robert Hoting, Instructor—Welding (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Leshawn Howard, Business & Industry Trainer—DOL Biotechnology Grant (BS, College of the Ozarks)

Todd Huesman, Coordinator—Financial Aid (BA, Northwestern College)

Vicki Irwin, Secretary—Continuing Education (Diploma, Spencer School of Business)

Robbie Jungers, Production Technician/Business Services Assistant (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Amy Jurrens, Instructor—Communications (MA, South Dakota State University)

Henry Kiers, Custodian

Lila Kiers, Custodian

April Klein, Secretary—TRIO Student Support Services (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Katherine Knobloch, Applications Administrator (AAS, Western Iowa Tech Community College)

Steven Koel, Maintenance Technician (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Kristin Kollbaum, Director—Marketing/Alumni (BS, Dordt College)

Dee Kreykes, Administrative Assistant/Board Recording Secretary

Linda Kreykes, Receptionist/Information Services

Byron Krull, Instructor—Electrical (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Kristi Landis, Coordinator/Recruiter—Enrollment Management/Advisor/Career Center/SGA/Student Activities(BS, Southwest State University)

Mari Beth Lane, Instructor—Health Information Technology (BS, Dakota State College)

Karen Lauesen, Secretary—Financial Aid (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Janet Leifeld, Coordinator—Adult Literacy (BA, Luther College)

Robert Leifeld, Dean of Applied Technology (BIL, Viterbo University)

Michael Logan, Director—Technology and Information Services (BA, Briar Cliff University)

Phil Louters, Instructor—Electrical (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Tracy Lukkes, Director—Alternative High School/Learning Center (BS, University of South Dakota)

Mike McLaughlin, Instructor—Electrical (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Scott Meinecke, Instructor—Powerline (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Gary Morris, Instructor—Powerline

Alicia Murphy, Production Technician/Business Services Assistant (AS, Minnesota West)

Laura Nachtigal, Administrative Assistant—Arts & Sciences/Business & Health (Diploma, Nettleton College)

Judy Nieuwenhuis, Instructor—Practical Nursing (MSN, Briar Cliff University)

Michael Oldenkamp, Computer Technician (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Mariah Oliver, Grant Writer (BA, South Dakota State University)

Eric Ortner, Computer Support Technician (AAS, Iowa Central Community College)

Steve Pearce, Instructor—Industrial Instrumentation and Control (MS, Indiana University)

Lucy Penner, TRIO: Academic Specialist (BS, Southwestern State College)

Dr. Rhonda Pennings, Dean—Arts & Sciences/Business/Health (PhD, University of South Dakota)

Donna Petitt, Parts/Service Store

Ron Plum, Foundation Coordinator (MS, University of Arkansas)

Jeff Pool, Coordinator/Recruiter—Enrollment Management/Advisor (BA, Southwest Minnesota State University)

Delores Popma, Coordinator—Volunteers (Certificate & License, Sheldon Junior College)

Mark Pritts, Instructor—Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Lori Punt, Continuing Education Coordinator—Family & Consumer Sciences (BS, Wayne State College)

Dawn Recher, Instructor—Associate Degree Nursing (MSN, South Dakota State University)

Dan Reeves, Director —Business Services (BA, Buena Vista University)

Lori Richards, Coordinator—Advertising/Web/Publications (BA, South Dakota State University)

Barb Rolston, SPAN II Instructional Coordinator (MA, Lesley College)

Arlan Schaap, Coordinator—Title III Project Activity Director (MS, Drake University)

Kate Schlenger, Instructor—Radiologic Technology (AS, University of Nebraska Medical Center)

Susan Schmidt, Basic Skills Specialist—Learning Center/Title III Project Director (MA, Wayne State College)

Marlys Schwebach, Instructor—Learning Center (BS, Northwestern College)

Colette Scott, Coordinator—ICN (MA, Iowa State University)

Beth Sibenaller-Woodall, Academic Advisor/Registrar (MA, Morningside College)

Bill Sillau, Instructor—Alternative High School (MS, University of Nebraska, Omaha)

Dr. Jan Snyder, Vice President—Institutional Advancement and Enrollment Services (PhD, Iowa State University)

Roger Solberg, Instructor—Heavy Equipment Operation & Maintenance (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Karie Stamer, Instructor—Practical Nursing (BSN, University of Iowa)

Ryan Steffen, Instructor—Engineering/Drafting/CAD (AAS, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Mark Steinle, Instructor—Automotive (Degree, Willmar Area Vocational-Technical Institute)

Aletha Stienstra, Instructor—Learning Center (BA, Augustana College)

Marilyn Stille, Continuing Education Coordinator—Health (RN, Lutheran School of Nursing)

Lesa Stofferan, Secretary—Business & Industry Center

Lisa Story, Director—Enrollment Management, (BA, Buena Vista University)

Pat Strouth, Custodian

Dr. Alethea Stubbe, Vice President—Education and Learning Services (PhD, Iowa State University)

Lucinda Talsma, Instructor—Science (MA, Briar Cliff University)

Terry Tausz, Coordinator—School Partnerships (MEd, South Dakota State University)

Stephanie Theel, Instructor—Science (MS, John Hopkins University)

Pam Van Beek, Secretary—Trade & Technology Division (AA, Northwestern College)

Sheila Van Engen, Secretary—Marketing/Alumni/Foundation/Placement (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Dan Van Horsen, Director—Physical Facilities (Diploma, Jackson Vo-Tech)

Jennifer Van Regenmorter, Accounting Assistant (BA, Bellevue University)

Twyla Vogel, Administrative Assistant to the President (MA, University of Sioux Falls)

Cher Vollink, Administrative Assistant—Career & Technology (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Nate Voss, Evening Custodian/Supervisor (BS, University of Nebraska)

James Waggoner, Maintenance Technician (Certificate, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Dennis Wallace, Instructor—Truck and Diesel Technology (AA, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Rex Weber, Corn Board/Ethanol (BS, South Dakota State University)

Terry “Pete” Wildeman, Custodian

Mindy Witham, Secretary—Admissions (Diploma, Northwest Iowa Community College)

Roy Wolhert, Vector Coordinator—Business & Industry Center (BA, Buena Vista University)

Melanie Wynja, Instructor—Practical Nursing (BSN, Briar Cliff University)

Shirisha Yelamanchili, Instructor—Biotechnology, Science/Coordinator (MS, University of Findlay)

Steve Youngs, Instructor—Collision Repair & Refinishing (Pinellas Vocational Technical Institute)

NCC Board of Directors

Cynthia Porter, District I
Open Position, District II
Loretta A. Berkland, DVM, District III
Craig Struve, District IV
Chad Hamill, Vice President, District V
Leroy Van Kekerix, President, District VI
Larry Hoekstra, District VII