Building A:
• Student Services
• Career Center
• Bookstore
• Dining Room
• Alternative High School
• Marketing Department
• Continuing Education Office
• Institutional Research/Grants
• Office of Executive Director of College Operations & Finance
• Placement
• Business Office
• Foundation Office
• Learning Center
• Media Center
• Library
• Student Center
• Classrooms

Building B:
• Classrooms for Business/Health/AA/AS
• Offices for the Business/Health/AA/AS
• Office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences/

  Building C:
• Offices & Classrooms for the Technology Department
• Offices for Business & Industry and VECTOR
• Classrooms & Offices for the Computer Programs
• Office of the Dean of Applied Technology

Building D:
• Office of the President
• Office of the Vice President of Instruction & Learning Services
• Office of the Vice President of Institutional Advancement & Enrollment Services
• Offices & Classrooms for the Mechanics Department
• Offices for the Bio-Tech Grant
• Offices & Classrooms for the Science Dept.
• Office of Technology & Information Services

Building E:
• Physical Plant Maintenance Shop
Building F:
• Cherokee Hall

Building H:
• Offices & Classrooms for the Nursing
• Offices & Classrooms for the Radiologic
Technology Program

Building K:
• Lyon Hall

Location: Sheldon, Iowa is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 60 and Iowa
State Highway 18 in the far northwest part
of the state.

Sheldon is located one hour from Sioux City, Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and less than four hours from Des Moines, Iowa and Minneapolis, Minnesota.