Contact the Registrar for assistance in these areas:
• Student records • Graduation requirements
• Drop/Add, Withdraw, Audit, Incompletes, etc.
• Academic Advising
• Student Grievances

Beth Sibenaller-Woodall, Registrar


NCC’s goal is to have all current students registered for the upcoming semester before they leave for break. Registration will run during the following times:

Fall Semester: November through late December
Spring Semester: April through mid May
Summer Semester: April through mid May

If you are a current student and do not register before the end of the semester, you will still be able to register during the break, but please remember that some courses may be closed.

New students starting will register for courses during NCC’s scheduled Orientation programs. If a new student is not able to attend one of the scheduled orientation dates, they can make an individual appointment with an advisor in Student Services.

All students are encouraged to review the course schedules and their program requirements before meeting with their advisor. It is very helpful to the advisor if students have a general idea of what courses they would like to take. Current students are encouraged to print off the registration form and bring it with them to their advising session. Student will be responsible for completing the registration form.

Students who are not registered for classes by the first day of the semester will only be allowed to register on a case by case basis with approval from the Academic Deans.

Before the Semester Starts
Students who wish to make changes to their schedules before the semester starts should contact their academic advisor.

After the Semester Starts
Students who would like to add or drop a course need to complete an add/drop form (hot link). Students will need to get the following signatures on the form:

• Instructor’s signature
• Academic advisor’s signature
• Financial aid’s signature (only if the student is receiving financial aid).

Completed forms should be turned into the Registrar’s office located in Student Services. If students have any questions, they should contact their academic advisor (hot link).

Deadlines for adding a class are the first day after classes start each semester.

Deadlines for dropping a class are 10 academic calendar days after midterms each semester. If students fail to complete this process, you will receive an "F" (failing) grade for the course(s).

Refund Policy
If you drop/withdraw from a course(s), you are eligible for a tuition refund according to the following schedule:

September 2, 2008 - Last day for 100% tuition and fee* refund for fall semester classes

January 19, 2009 - Last day for 100% tuition and fee* refund for spring semester classes

June 2, 2009 - Last day for 100% tuition and fee* refund from summer term classes

The above Refund Schedule is applicable only to regular semester enrollment periods. A similar pro-rated Refund Schedule will be applied to courses with different enrollment periods (i.e. 7x7 course, online course, 8 week courses, etc.).

Refund procedures, percents and amounts may differ for students receiving financial aid. The refund for students receiving financial aid will be according to the guidelines set by the United States Department of Education.

Refunds of tuition and fees are calculated as of the date the withdrawal form is returned completed, by the student, to the Student Services Office.

*The CDL fee is non-refundable.