NCC Learning Community


Are You...
• More comfortable learning with a group of friends
• Looking for friendly and approachable faculty
• Undecided about your college major
• Planning to transfer to a four-year college

You belong in the NCC Learning Community!

Convenient Scheduling
Take three classes at the same time with the same group of classmates

Spring 2007
Class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, when you are on campus anyway.

9:05–10:00am Career Exploration*
10:10–11:05 am Western Civilization: Early Modern to Present
11:15am–12:10pm Composition II

*Wednesdays only

Worried about fitting it all in?
This Learning Community offers built-in time to connect with classmates and faculty.

What's in it for me?
You are required to take these courses anyway to earn your Associate of Arts degree or if you plan
to transfer...Why not take them at NCC in a Learning Community?

Faculty collaborate to plan your assignments so you don't get overwhelmed! Instead of writing a paper for English and another paper for Psychology you can combine your efforts and write just one paper for the assignment.

If you struggle in one subject you get the benefit of hearing information from multiple perspectives
from faculty and classmates. This allows you to make connections from subject to subject.


Meet the Faculty

Amy Jurrens Amy Jurrens
Composition II
This course focuses on helping you develop advanced writing skills in order to compose analytical and persuasive essays. You will use advanced research and critical thinking skills to respond to and compose essays based on current issues and enduring questions.
Stephen Gibbons Laura Cruse
Western Civilization: Early Modern to Present
This course is a survey of the evolution of Western Civilization from the rise of the nation-state to the present. Major topics include the French Revolution and the Age of Napoleon: 19th century developments such as liberalism, the Industrial Revolution, socialism, nationalism, and imperialism; and the great wars and upheavals of the 20th century.
Stephanie Schoening Stephanie Schoening, Counselor
Spring: Career Exploration
Students will examine their interests, abilities and values related to careers to lead students to a better understanding of the world of work related to their career and academic planning.


Contact the NCC enrollment office today and tell them the "place for you" is in the NCC Learning Community!
Call 1-800-352-4907 and ask for ext 115, the Director of Enrollment Management, Lisa Story
Be sure to mention you would like to enroll in the Learning Community.

New Students: Email your interest in the Learning Community to Lisa Story at

Current Students: Email your interest in the Learning Community to Lisa Story at



Students and faculty will work together to explore coursework rather than lecture from a podium. We look forward to getting to know each student and helping them reach their goals. —Stephanie Schoening