Summer Hours:
8am–8pm Monday–Tuesday
8am–6pm Wednesday
8am–4:30pm Thursday–Friday

8am–8pm Monday–Thursday
8am–4:30pm Friday


The Learning Center, located in Building A on the NCC campus, provides a variety of services for students and residents of Area IV. Within the business hours of the Learning Center, students and prospective students at NCC are able to get free tutoring by available staff members. Developmental courses are also available for prospective students who may want to improve their skills before re-entering the college atmosphere.

A few of the conveniences available to students through the Learning Center are a computer lab, study rooms, and testing accommodations.

Learning Center FREE Pre-Session

Prospective students can view some helpful tips about the COMPASS test:::


• Tutoring for NCC's college and high school courses is a free service to students (including NCC's online students or students from other colleges taking a class originating at NCC) at anytime during business hours. No appointments necessary!
• Tutoring can be done on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

Developmental Courses

• Students who want to brush up on a specific skill or desire to improve in a subject can do so by taking developmental courses.
• Information regarding these courses can be provided by Tracy Lukkes.

• The pre-session, which reviews math, language arts, study skills, and computer skills for students, is held the week before fall classes begin. Pre-registration is required for this free service.

Individualized Study

• Students who want to take certain vocational courses may do so through the Learning Center with the approval of the instructor, the division dean, and Student Services.

Support Services
• With faculty approval, the Learning Center will read and/or scribe tests for students.
• The Learning Center will provide taped readings of textbooks for students with a diagnosed reading disability.
• If a student is in need of these services, he/she will need to give advance notification to the staff.

Computer Lab
• The computer lab contains computers, tape recorders, VCR's, tape players, and calculators.
• All of these resources are available for students at no charge!

Study Rooms
• Study rooms provide a quiet place for individuals or groups who want to do homework.

High School Completion
• The Learning Center can provide information for 2 programs: the GED program and the High School Credit program.
• The GED program is administered through the Continuing Education Division.

For more information on what services the Learning Center has to offer, stop by NCC's campus and come to the Learning Center or give us a call at 800-352-4907 or 712-324-5061, and ask for one of our Learning Center instructors. For additional information or questions, email Tracy Lukkes .